Sample Student Survey Questions

TripodTM surveys are available for K-12 students, specifically designed for different age ranges:

  • Early Elementary (for students in K-2)
  • Upper Elementary (for students in 3-5/6)
  • Secondary (for students in 6-12)

Surveys include items that are mainly observational (allowing students to record what they experience), rather than judgmental (asking students what they like and dislike). Students are presented with statements and indicate their level of agreement by selecting from a range (e.g. from “Totally Untrue” to “Totally True”).

Examples of questions on the Early Elementary (K-2) survey:

  • In this class, we learn a lot almost every day.
  • My classmates act the way my teacher wants them to.

Examples of questions on the Upper Elementary survey:

  • My teacher wants me to explain my answers – why I think what I think.
  • In this class, we learn to correct our mistakes.

Examples of questions on the Secondary survey:

  • In this class, my teacher accepts nothing less than our full effort.
  • My teacher takes the time to summarize what we learn each day.