The Co-founders

Ron Ferguson Rob Ramsdell
We are Ron Ferguson and Rob Ramsdell. Our long-standing partnership began with work on the Tripod Project in 2005. Ron focused on research and program design while Rob focused on developing partnerships with districts and other organizations. Together we were the professional leads for the student survey portion of the Measures of Effective Teaching (MET) project. Being the first of its kind, Tripod was the only student survey studied and validated by this seminal study on teaching effectiveness. We are excited about entering a new phase in Tripod’s development.

Launch of a New, Independent Firm

Tripod Education Partners will increase access to Tripod surveys, research, and analysis. Our surveys are in their 18th generation and have been refined over more than a decade of field experience and valuable feedback from educators. Building on millions of survey responses, Tripod Education Partners will continue developing products and services to help educators interpret survey findings and refine improvement strategies. Cambridge Education will remain a key partner on projects around the country.

Emphasis on Professional Learning

Tripod will continue to support the use of surveys to enhance evaluation systems, and we will emphasize the use of Tripod to promote professional learning for teachers and continuous improvement for schools.

Cost-Effective and Flexible Offerings

Built on more than a decade of research and practical experience, the launch of Tripod Education Partners enables us to engage educators in new ways. Five of our goals are to:

1help teachers use Tripod surveys as an essential source of formative feedback;

icon-2empower teachers to share ideas with fellow educators about how to improve on Tripod’s 7Cs™ teaching practices;

3continue to use rigorous scoring methods to produce results trusted for their reliability and validity;

4introduce new, more affordable solutions for small districts and individual schools; and

5develop new partnership models with large districts and states to maximize local capacity in the implementation process.

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