About the Tripod Project


The Tripod Project® has been developed and refined over more than a decade by Dr. Ronald F. Ferguson of Harvard University. TripodTM surveys and analysis methods have helped millions of students communicate about their experiences in school. The Tripod survey assessments were an integral part of the Measures of Effective Teaching (MET) Project.

Tripod services comprise a well-designed, classroom-level data collection, analysis and reporting system.

Beyond Observations and Test Scores

Using the Tripod survey assessments, educators have access to high quality measures in the following areas:

  • Teaching Effectiveness: Measures tied to each teacher are quality assured and benchmarked against national norms.
  • Student Engagement: Data concerning effort and motivation indicate for each classroom how students judge their own attitudes, behaviors and effort.
  • Student Satisfaction: Data indicates whether each classroom, building and district is a place where students feel safe, welcome and satisfied with their progress.
  • Whole-school Climate: Data from individual classrooms can be aggregated up to measures of whole school climate. In addition, surveys include questions that pertain to the school as a whole.

Tripod surveys provide reliable and validated measures, including for classrooms at untested grade levels and for untested subjects.